Virtual Desktop Infrastructure:
Manage Hybrid Clouds and Modernize Applications

Have you thought about extending the useful life of the company’s computers for more…maybe 3, 4 or 5 years? And still being able to buy new machines of the cheaper models without users complaining about performance? Is it difficult to manage what remote workers install on laptops? Need your work environments to be safe from external attacks but can’t manage VPN for everyone? Too many hires at the same time and the IT team hasn’t been able to deliver computers on time for everyone? Okay, so it looks like we can help you….


Over the past 10 years, cloud services have evolved on an unprecedented scale. More and more companies tend to think of their products and services using technologies that offer flexibility, resilience and scale. The cloud is all that and more.

The idea of being able to run entire applications in a safe and reliable environment, without having to make large initial investments, not only allowed several small companies to compete on equal terms with market giants, but also enabled them to make smarter use of of resources with a global presence (without having to be physically on all continents).

It is in this line of making intelligent use of resources that desktop virtualization or VDI comes in.

A machine, be it a PC or laptop, typically spends around 180 hours a month on (or actually being used by someone). Also, the service life of these machines is 3 to 4 years at most. Due to the intense updating of hardware and software, keeping these equipments working in order to give employees the productivity they demand is always very complicated. Some use more, others less. Some need more processing power for short periods of time, and can't even think about switching laptops before the depreciation deadline.

With the boom of remote work, it has been very difficult to maintain the quality and speed of the network, each location has its internet offer and not all with the same reliability. There are many companies that have made and still make a big investment in more robust internet plans for their remote employees.

With VDI (desktop virtualization) all these challenges are a thing of the past.

VDI consists of offering the employee a web session from a desktop with the entire infrastructure running in the cloud. You can increase or decrease processing, memory and disks with one click. It is also possible to offer a secure, reliable and faster internet connection than any home internet. In addition to also dispensing with the use of VPN, since the virtual desktops are accessed with multi-factor access control and their infrastructures are centralized, being able to be fully connected to the main networks of the company, through secure firewalls and controlled by the business.<

There are so many advantages of using the VDI that explains how its use has been widely disseminated in Brazil recently.

The cost of VDI is another advantage. We can talk about the many totally avoided or at least reduced costs of internet, VPN, management, maintenance, etc.. But if we only compare the costs of laptops and operating systems, using a virtual desktop is approximately 35% cheaper than buying new hardware. every 3 years.

Not to mention that it is possible to more accurately predict VDI costs, while physical desktops always need an extended warranty, parts replacement, breakages, theft, etc. I don't mean that you will never suffer a theft or breakage if you use VDI – even because you will always need equipment at the other end to serve as a bridge to the cloud infrastructure – but whenever an unforeseen occurs, the costs will be much lower. simply because the hardware will be cheaper.

The environmental issue is another important factor for us to address. Extending the life cycle of a PC or laptop means extracting much less minerals from the planet, less oil and, consequently, emitting much less greenhouse gases. Using computers with less processing power also greatly reduces the local cost of electricity. And you still save while helping the planet! The cloud infrastructure runs on almost 100% renewable energy and the utilization of resources in the datacenter is optimized to the extreme.

The VDI experience in Morpheus is extremely fluid. It is possible to run specific applications or access the virtual machine's desktop as if it were there, without crashes, without bad connection, with access to network folders and still counting on security and centralized IT management in a simple and efficient way.
Loonar offers the VDI service on Morpheus with infrastructure in public and private clouds from the most renowned players in the market, such as OCI – Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Bring the Cloud Experience On-Prem and Apply On-Prem Control to Public Clouds


100 built-in codeless integrations for value in under 1 hour


Freedom to run any app on any private or public cloud



All your VMs, clouds, containers, and apps in a single place



Extensible design and an expert team here to help


Centralize Platforms

Create private clouds, manage public clouds, and consolidate Kubernetes deployment

Deploy 150x faster

Provision applications from an on-demand catalog, API/CLI, ITSM, or infrastructure-as-code

Assure Compliance

Simplify authentication, establish access controls, set policies, and manage security posture

Modernize Applications

Automate lifecycles from cradle to grave, run workflows, and simplify day-2 actions

Lower cloud cost 30%

Inventory brownfields, rightsize resources, track cloud spend, and centralize visibility

With Loonar, you go further!

Here you have special conditions with this partnership:

People worldwide trust Morpheus, from companies to public agencies and service providers, Morpheus has the scale and solution for every problem!

Loonar was the pioneer in Brazil and has more than 2 years of partnership with the Morpheus Data solution. There are already thousands of managed instances and dozens of customers served in implementation projects, development of integrations and automations, as well as 24/7 support.

Needing to control your cloud resources with first class quality and professionalism? Talk to Loonar and get to know the best of Morpheus Data.

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