OCI - Oracle Cloud Infrastructure:
Discover how Oracle's next-generation cloud infrastructure can automate your business

Created for smart and productive enterprises, OCI has an automated database that marks the second generation of cloud and the new generation of computing technology.


A new cloud design

Oracle has delivered a next-generation cloud that represents a fundamental new architecture of the conventional public cloud. It builds on years of experience gained in helping customers and partners deploy and run workloads in their own data centers and effectively migrate them to our own cloud platform. It provides a new infrastructure and a complete set of platform features. This is what continues to differentiate Oracle from other vendors; it includes all the technology needed to build, extend, and connect applications. In addition, Oracle's next-generation cloud is a comprehensive security solution that meets the needs of all users, applications, data, and infrastructure. It provides a complete set of solutions for managing data across multiple data types and provides rich visual analytics based on AI.


No work and no human errors - no data loss

Oracle Autonomous Database is the definition second-generation cloud technology and it marks a new generation in computer technology. And when you're looking at these standalone systems, they're machine learning-enabled and AI – ultimately creating something fundamentally different from what has come before.

Oracle Autonomous Database automates many routine tasks: patching, backups, scaling and tuning are all handled without human intervention or errors. This level of automation comes with huge benefits, including lower total cost of ownership, lower risk of security breaches, as well as automatic encryption. data at rest and in motion. This allows you to accelerate innovation by focusing on your business instead of endless operational tasks.

The past: IT professionals manually managed information systems.
• Manual configuration
• Manual monitoring
• Manual management
• Manual sizing
• Manual systems management

The future: standalone software monitors and manages information systems automatically.
• Automatic configuration
• Auto tuning
• Automatic predictions to avoid problems
• Auto Scaling
• Automatic systems management

Machine Learning based automation

As the flagship in Oracle’s growing suite of autonomous systems capabilities, Oracle Autonomous Database is characterized by three unique attributes:

• It is autonomous, which means it automatically provisions, protects, monitors, tunes and updates itself - reducing costs and increasing productivity.

• It is self-secure, reducing risk by protecting cloud resources from external attacks and malicious internal users. This includes automatically applying security patches with no downtime, automatically encrypting all data, and intercepting data leaks with preventative controls.

• It is self-healing, maximizing uptime and productivity with 99.995% availability. That's less than 2.5 minutes of both planned and unplanned downtime per month - while completely eliminating administrative errors.

These attributes help reduce costs by up to 80% and save up to 70% of ongoing runtime costs by dynamically tuning and scaling resources. Oracle also reduces risk and accelerates time to insight. For example, by provisioning a data warehouse in seconds, you can accelerate time to innovation, time to market, and time to action.


Robust Cloud Infrastructure

Oracle’s Next Generation Cloud Infrastructure is an enterprise-grade public cloud that has been specifically architected to run enterprise applications and databases. It includes tools and utilities for building new mobile and cloud-native applications, all on a unified platform and network fabric. Oracle also offers tools to update applications to the cloud without forcing you to rearchitect those applications – along with cloud support for Oracle applications such as Oracle E-Business Suite, JD Edwards, PeopleSoft, Siebel, and more.
Keeping operating systems patched and secure is one of the biggest operational challenges IT can face. With Oracle Autonomous Linux on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, you can minimize availability and security risks that arise from missed or misapplied patches using more automation, such as autoscaling, cross-pool lifecycle management, and monitoring.
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure leverages high-scale, high-bandwidth networks that connect cloud servers for high-performance locations, files, blocks, and object storage. Customers get the most performance possible for traditional and distributed applications as well as highly available databases — including Oracle Autonomous Database.
The infrastructure is architected to support the applications companies have been running for years, as well as those they are building for the future. You can choose everything from small virtual machines (VMs) to large bare-metal clusters and highly available databases — all running on the same isolated networks.

Key Features

Fast expansion across the globe
Oracle’s next-generation cloud infrastructure continues to expand across the globe, offering a variety of choices while delivering true multicloud innovation for enterprises.

Standalone Data Management Services
Oracle Autonomous Database is the world’s first cloud-based autonomously managed database to provide automated provisioning, patching, updates, and tuning – including performing all routine database maintenance while the system is running. – without human intervention. With our standalone services, it marks a new generation of technology where systems are more secure, data loss is preventable, risk is reduced and labor costs are eliminated.

Oracle Integration provides intelligent automation and integration to enable you to deliver your modernization projects faster and easier. through a Innovative combination of machine learning, pre-built integration, and a powerful library of application adapters, Oracle Integration unifies your SaaS and on-premises, robotic and human applications, automating processes and your partners in a connected business.
Security and Management
Oracle has been building security into its solutions and protecting your customers’ confidential data for decades. Oracle’s sophisticated cloud security helps prevent, detect, respond and predict threats. It features automated encryption, adaptive authentication, visibility into application usage, and automation to detect anomalies, ensuring that companies’ sensitive data is safe and their applications are resilient. It also includes security monitoring and analytics — providing continuous compliance, security controls APIs and data security for hybrid clouds. Oracle is unique in its approach to holistic data security and application visibility across heterogeneous environments, regardless of whether the data is on-premises or in any cloud (Oracle or third-party).

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