Complete control of Cloud expenses (FinOps)

Inform. Optimize. Manage. With Loonar you guarantee the best financial management.

Holistic view of all assets, services and applications guided by an intelligent financial optimization engine.

Ensure the best financial management of technology resources combined with the most powerful inventory, optimization and automation solutions on the market. Discover all costs and their ramifications and apply automated execution, monitoring and control workflows.

“Loonar was the company that most positioned itself as partners for us. From the beginning, they demonstrated knowledge with a vision of partnership and innovation to help us with today's needs and challenges.”



Lay the foundation for reporting all expenditures granularly, accurately, across all areas.



Apply optimization routines to all resource types and create a roadmap of performance-enhancing initiatives.


Operationalize chargeback of all costs and establish tagging and resource usage policies.

Manage complexity and drive continuous cost optimization

Market studies show that, in 2021, 78% of companies operate their infrastructure in hybrid models. Nearly 1/5 of the companies in the study said they operate on purely public cloud models. In another study, published by the FinOps Foundation, half of companies start their journey with AWS and some kind of OnPrems or private cloud infrastructure.

However, as they acquire management maturity – both in infrastructure and in the development and support of applications – the greater is the adoption of new technologies and clouds such as Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). Consequently, greater are the gains with automation and reduced expenses.

According to Gartner, technology costs will increase by almost 9% in 2021, moving from a strategy to react to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, to prepare for the resumption of growth. Cloud infrastructure expenses are expected to exceed software expenses in 2021.

The widest range of optimization practices and methods

Among the challenges for managing cloud spending, the most common are visibility into architecture and costs across platforms; the lack of tools that provide a unified overview of contracts, expenses, services, inventory and automation; and the difficulty in enabling teams to provide greater flexibility in publishing applications and applying optimization routines.

The vast majority of companies invest little or nothing in automation to control cloud spending. Among those that do, they are limited to alerts, recommendations and simple tagging routines. Only 12% actually have robust planning for savings, optimization and automation of infrastructure and applications.

Good planning includes contract management; real-time cost analysis; operational automations such as Rightsizing, Power Scheduling, Reservations, Auto Scaling, etc.; ability to migrate workloads between clouds; analysis of spending on interconnection of regions, IPs and other network items or even unused storage.

Still essential for good planning are the management of software assets, such as monitoring application usage or unified management of BYOL; management of invoices, from payment to apportionment between areas; inventory and management of all hardware and software items; spot instance evaluation and adoption policies; compliance and security policies.

More comprehensive and lasting results

Our solution also has a catalog of services and products to unlock self-service and provisioning automation with customized approval flows; budgets and limits of resource quotas and values ​​by teams, vendors and people; customized and interactive dashboards to support decision making and a committed and experienced partner to support the success of the plan.

Loonar has experienced teams in IT financial management, with stints in Tangoe, TNX, Navita, Sumus and Informatec to bring its FinOps strategy to success. We use the most modern and varied analysis strategies from AWS Cost Explorer, Azure Cost Mangament, GCP Cost Management, as well as employing the most comprehensive technologies in orchestration, automation, workflows, integrations and data visualization.

We rely on partners such as Morpheus Data, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Lansweeper to achieve the most complex goals and support the most diverse environments. Whether to implement a successful FinOps strategy, expand the scope of automation of your DevOps team or even to link all the steps of the development treadmill, count on Loonar.