We breathe high-value solutions that significantly impact our customers’ businesses. It is with attention to details that we fulfill our commitment to customers and society.

We are supported by ITSM, ESM, PMP, ITIL, SCRUM, KANBAN, DWD, PDCA, LEAN, 6SIGMA, CI / CD, DEVOPS, SRE, CMDB, SAM and ITAM, among other concepts, but the most important thing is to do our duty while partner: Make your business thrive.


At Loonar, we face the challenges of each client as if they were ours.

We are a true partner and our DNA is optimized to win together.

Our solutions, whether for managing processes, services, assets, operations, projects, product development, network automation and cloud infrastructure or training people in the most diverse methodologies and technologies, carry these 4 pillars naturally.

Dynamic Processes, evolutionary and based in principle.

Purpose, mission, vision and values ​​aligned with the activities. Human chain connected from end to end Define problems before solving them. Optimize the challenge continuously.

Complex systems capable of extracting details and monitoring the constant evolution of processes..

Live processes that serve each area in a unique way, but – at the same time – horizontally aligned with all areas of the company and with intuitive and simple tools. Métricas aferidas em tempo real, correção de curso imediata.


Interconnect and automate repetitive processes to scale. Concentrar os esforços cognitivos nos processos que os diferencia da concorrência.

Attention to costs, from planning to execution (and afterwards too).

Managing expenses is not just about cutting unnecessary expenses. It is necessary to make the right investments and at the right time, in all areas. And that shouldn’t be just the role of the CFO. Operational costs, technology, human resources, among others, each investment must be aligned with the purpose, mission, vision and values.