Cloud Cost Management

Morpheus’ cloud cost optimization features can reduce cloud costs by 30% or more.


Discover and optimize environments with forgotten resources

When Morpheus connects to a hypervisor or cloud, it would inventory existing instances and sync them every 5 minutes. Convert your discovered instances to managed instances to enable automation, logging, and improved granular analysis of resources, logs, vulnerabilities, and performance.

Analyze metrics and compare costs before provisioning

Morpheus' cloud cost analysis engine compares utilization and costs across clouds to help make decisions about where workloads should be provisioned.

See cloud cost comparisons and use cloud cost analysis to understand usage by user, group, cloud and tenant. Filter by region, tag, instance type, and more.

Implement cost optimization guidance

View and execute scaling recommendations for resource and cost optimization. Morpheus guidance analyzes CPU, RAM, and storage to recommend actions for scaling, power state, and reserved instances in public clouds.

Manage hybrid cloud pricing and plans

Create pricing plans for your on-premises infrastructure as in the public cloud, including granular pricing for CPU, memory, cores, storage, platform and software. Multi-currency support and price adjustments for markup.

Morpheus syncs all public cloud pricing nightly, including EA and CSP pricing allocation on some public clouds. In addition to synchronizing the exchange rate between all currencies twice a day so that the conversion is as accurate as possible.

Track costs and budgets in an easy and concise interface

Projected cloud cost trends are visible for all clouds, in addition to detailed metrics available on the cloud summary pages.

Budgets can be scoped to accounts, clouds, tenant and users - additionally - scoped to different periods and intervals per month, quarter or year.

Analyze and allocate costs in the cloud

Leverage built-in reports, export data, or use the Morpheus billing API to integrate with third-party apportionment billing and area reporting tools.

Morpheus tracks usage for all instances across all clouds and extracts actual data from public cloud invoices to enable a single system of record across clouds.

Bring the Cloud Experience On-Prem and Apply On-Prem Control to Public Clouds


100 built-in codeless integrations for value in under 1 hour


Freedom to run any app on any private or public cloud



All your VMs, clouds, containers, and apps in a single place



Extensible design and an expert team here to help


Centralize Platforms

Create private clouds, manage public clouds, and consolidate Kubernetes deployment

Deploy 150x faster

Provision applications from an on-demand catalog, API/CLI, ITSM, or infrastructure-as-code

Assure Compliance

Simplify authentication, establish access controls, set policies, and manage security posture

Modernize Applications

Automate lifecycles from cradle to grave, run workflows, and simplify day-2 actions

Lower cloud cost 30%

Inventory brownfields, rightsize resources, track cloud spend, and centralize visibility

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Loonar was the pioneer in Brazil and has more than 2 years of partnership with the Morpheus Data solution. There are already thousands of managed instances and dozens of customers served in implementation projects, development of integrations and automations, as well as 24/7 support.

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