Automation and Control

Integrating platforms to extract the most information from different teams, joining development tracks to the infrastructure and performing the fusion in the practice of DEV + OPS is the ideal challenge for Morpheus.


Automation is at the heart of Morpheus

The mission of DevOps teams is to bridge the gap between Software Development and IT Infrastructure Operations. For this to happen in the best way, two words are an integral part of the day-to-day and DevOps mantras: Integration and Automation.

Integrating platforms to extract the most information from different teams, joining development tracks to the infrastructure and performing the fusion in the practice of DEV + OPS is the ideal challenge for Morpheus Data. With over 80 native integrations, easy and complete API and CLI, an open plugin architecture and an interface capable of orchestrating and managing data from a multitude of tools, it's hard to imagine living without a platform of this caliber.

Automation is at the heart of Morpheus Data. Its Tasks and Workflows engine, combined with integration features with Terraform, ARM, CloudFormation, Ansible, Chef, Puppet etc., in addition to custom fields, password vault, service catalog, app blueprints and many other features, are unbeatable on the mission of making management simpler, easier, faster and more automated.

Add to that all the power to apply to each resource, compliance policies, usage quotas, budgets, operating schedule, rightsizing, tag editing and many other control and security options.

So imagine being able to do all this on a platform ready to face any challenge in public cloud environments (AWS, Azure, GCP, Oracle Cloud, Alibaba, Digital Ocean, IBM, etc.) or private cloud environments (Vmware, Hyper-V, Dell , HPE, Nutanix, Cisco, Openstack, etc.) without making any distinction and without you having to be an expert in any of these environments.

One of the biggest DevOps challenges is to provide developers with ready, quality and up-to-date environments. With Morpheus, developers can enjoy a complete catalog with the applications and environments they need, available at any time, without the intervention of Operations. Morpheus Data's self-service interface enables development teams to work quickly without losing control and without incurring costs.

Apply multicloud / hybridcloud integration, automation and control to VMs, Docker or Kubernetes Clusters, Bare Metal, Load Balancers, CMDB, Networks, IP Pools, DNS, etc. and still providing development teams with real-time access to the infrastructure is vital to keep DevOps teams scaling and Morpheus Data is the foundation for the success of these teams.

Bring the Cloud Experience On-Prem and Apply On-Prem Control to Public Clouds


100 built-in codeless integrations for value in under 1 hour


Freedom to run any app on any private or public cloud



All your VMs, clouds, containers, and apps in a single place



Extensible design and an expert team here to help


Centralize Platforms

Create private clouds, manage public clouds, and consolidate Kubernetes deployment

Deploy 150x faster

Provision applications from an on-demand catalog, API/CLI, ITSM, or infrastructure-as-code

Assure Compliance

Simplify authentication, establish access controls, set policies, and manage security posture

Modernize Applications

Automate lifecycles from cradle to grave, run workflows, and simplify day-2 actions

Lower cloud cost 30%

Inventory brownfields, rightsize resources, track cloud spend, and centralize visibility

With Loonar, you go further!

Here you have special conditions with this partnership:

People worldwide trust Morpheus, from companies to public agencies and service providers, Morpheus has the scale and solution for every problem!

Loonar was the pioneer in Brazil and has more than 2 years of partnership with the Morpheus Data solution. There are already thousands of managed instances and dozens of customers served in implementation projects, development of integrations and automations, as well as 24/7 support.

Needing to control your cloud resources with first class quality and professionalism? Talk to Loonar and get to know the best of Morpheus Data.

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